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    Last week I received a very flattering email about my work and Golden Campaign, and it also mentioned the work of Bastien Vivès , specifically his “Pour l’empire” saga. I never heard of it before but I was speechless when looking at the spreads and the style of this book. I felt overwhelmed by the narrative of the shots and dynamic flow of the drawings. 

    I was gutted to find out that there were no english translations of the books, but I quickly went for my European comics back-up language (Spanish) and BOOM! I ordered all 3 and now Im impatiently waiting for them even though I know its going to take more than two weeks to get them. All I can say about Vives and this title is that I haven’t been this excited about a comicbook/artist since Gipi and Matsumoto.

    pour l'empire

    Bastien Vivès



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